Katie and John's Story

Our Story

In 2011 my daughter with Type 1 diabetes, Katie, was moved to insulin pump therapy and was provided with an Insulin pump by the NHS. When the pump was delivered we were advised by the NHS Diabetic Specialist Nurse and the manufacturers’ representative to have the pump insured for accidental damage and theft (pump manufacturers provide warranty protection for pump failure/malfunction only). I was told that if the pump was damaged or stolen then the NHS would not fund a replacement and this would be at my expense. This is where it became very difficult. The recommendation was to simply include the pump as a named item on my home contents insurance. When I tried this I was told by my insurance company at the time that this would not be possible. I then carried out an analysis of what was available in the market, what the costs were and more importantly how the products met the needs of the pump user. The findings were as follows:

Since first looking in 2011, each year when I renew my home insurance, I look at alternative providers and ask if they will insure Katie’s insulin pump. Most now will, often the standard cover is not high enough to cover the full cost of the pump or the pump needs to be a specified item so it can be covered outside of the home.