4 Good Reasons why you should insure your insulin pump with us

You have just taken delivery of your new insulin pump or you may have been advised by your Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) that you need to provide evidence of insurance prior to receiving the Insulin Pump. Whilst Home contents policies do cover insulin pumps, you might wish to consider:

  1. Check your home insurance carefully to see if there is an excess payable in the event of a claim. Some Insurers may charge an excess for any claim made.
  2. Insulin Pump
  3. Our insurance cover has been designed specifically to cover Insulin Pumps and to meet the needs of Insulin Pump users. We have existing contacts with all the major manufacturers to ensure that if you do need to make a claim we will not ask you to purchase a replacement for reimbursement, make your own arrangements for replacement or have to provide any written documentation that proves you are responsible for the Insulin Pump.

    Our claims process provides you with a very quick turnaround as we will arrange with the manufacturer on your behalf, for your Insulin Pump to be replaced.
  4. If you make a claim under your home contents policy you may find that this results in an increased premium in the future. Our insurance is a fixed, monthly price.
  5. This insurance provides cover for Accidental Damage, Accidental Loss, Malicious Damage and Theft anywhere in the UK or Worldwide including whilst you are in transit between any locations. We will even automatically insure a loan pump provided to you whilst you are abroad at no additional cost and you don’t even need to provide us with the details..