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Back to £6.95 a month

Policies sold before 1st June 2018 are no longer insurance4insulinpumps policies

We’ve been contacted by a number of customers who haven’t realised that their insulin pump insurance is no longer provided by insurance4insulinpumps.

What’s changed?

On the 1st June 2018 Specialty Risks Limited became the insurance provider for insurance4insulinpumps. Burnett & Associates Limited is no longer providing the insurance for insurance4insulinpumps.

Specialty Risks provides insurance for people who require specialist medical equipment and assistive technologies. We’ve worked with the Specialty Risks management team for years and we know your insurance is in safe hands with them.

Why did my insurance4insulinpumps policy not transfer to the new provider?

We deeply regret we were not able to transfer your insurance automatically.

Our previous administrator, Burnett & Associates Limited, told us that they had no right to transfer the policy to the new provider and that they would continue to take your premiums unless you tell them otherwise.

The previous administrator is continuing to take your premiums in its own name and we would like to make it clear that insurance4insulinpumps no longer has any association or involvement with Burnett & Associates Limited and we in no way endorse or support the insurance they are providing in their own name.

If you have any difficulties making a claim with the insurance provided by Burnett & Associates Limited, we will not be able to support you.

What do I need to do to have an insurance4insulinpumps policy?

We’re very pleased that we have been able to reduce the cost of insurance4insulinpumps to £6.95 per month.

This is the same amount that our customers were paying when we launched insurance4insulinpumps in 2011.

If you would like insurance4insulinpumps to provide your pump insurance you should:

  1. Check the cover and make sure it meets your needs. Please click to see a copy of the wording.
  2. Sign up online.

Sign up

When choosing insurance4insulinpumps make sure you cancel your old policy to stop you paying two premiums.

You can cancel your policy by emailing

You are entitled to a refund of any unused period cover.

IMPORTANT – please make sure you cancel your Direct Debit instruction with your bank as well. This can be done online through your internet banking or calling your bank directly.

Why should I have my insurance with insurance4insulinpumps?

There are 6 good reasons to move your insurance back insurance4insulinpumps:

  1. We created insurance4insulinpumps because of a personal difficulty we had insuring a pump. We then spent six months developing the insurance and making sure the claims process was as simple as possible.
  2. We’ve lowered the premium to £6.95.
  3. We launched insurance4insulinpumps in 2011. We’ve taken enormous pride in making sure that people benefit from our insurance.
  4. We remain passionate and committed to providing you with an exceptional insurance policy and level of service.
  5. Our claims service is provided by a team of specialists who understand the critical needs of pump users and their families.
  6. We continue to work with the major pump manufacturers and NHS clinics as we have done since 2011.

I’m unhappy I wasn’t made aware of the change, what can I do?

Some of our customers have told us they are very unhappy they weren’t told about the change on 1st June 2018. We’re very pleased that customers have already chosen to come back to insurance4insulinpumps.

You should contact the previous provider for any issues you have as a result of your policy with them.

Sign up

If you have further questions please call us on: 01494 853 750