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NHS PCTs recommend YOU Insure!

Your local Primary Care Trust, which owns your insulin pump, recommends that YOU insure it for £3,500. Dudley PCT states “the pump remains at all times the property of the trust, but needs to be insured by the family for £3,500 on the home insurance”

Katie & John's Story

Our Story

In 2011 my daughter with Type 1 diabetes, Katie, was moved to insulin pump therapy and was provided with an Insulin pump by the NHS. When the pump was delivered we were advised by the NHS Diabetic Specialist Nurse and the manufacturers’ representative to have the pump insured for accidental damage and theft (pump manufacturers provide warranty protection for pump failure/malfunction only). I was told that if the pump was damaged or stolen then the NHS would not fund a replacement and this would be at my expense. This is where it became very difficult.

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Insurance checklist

Medical equipment covered?

Cover a pump worth £3,500?

Is loss also covered?

What proof of ownership and value do they need?

How long will it take to send out a new pump?

Covered abroad?

Can a loan pump be covered?

What is the excess on making a claim?

If you claim, will it increase your home policy in subsequent years?


Enquiries: 01494 853 750

comprehensive cover

Our policy not only includes theft and accidental damage, we also cover loss. This is for the pump and any handsets you may have.

any age

Whether it is a pump you have had for a while or a brand new pump, our cover will protect you. If your child is the user, we also have no age restrictions.

loan pumps

We now understand pump manufacturers will often lend you a pump if you are away on holiday or business so long as you insure their pump. We automatically cover these pumps at no extra charge if your main pump is already insured with us. This is great value since whilst the loaned pump is not being used it is much more likely to be lost or stolen.

going abroad

So long as you are a UK resident, we also cover the pump for up to 90 days worldwide whether for business or holiday.

quick and simple

Our policy can be purchased online, we only require the make and serial number of the pump. We do not need any proof of ownership or a valuation for the pump.

direct debit

We collect premiums by direct debit since this is much cheaper than by credit or debit card and we want to keep costs down.

policy details

You should carefully review the policy documents to make sure the policy suits your need. You can always call or email us if you have any questions.

fully regulated

Check out all of the details of who we are in the footer. Insurers are regulated by the Prudential Regulatory Authority. This insurance is underwritten by AmTrust Europe Ltd. This also means that you receive all of the normal insurance protections such as being able to cancel at any time.

uk claims handling

Our claims handling team understand what an insulin pump is and how important it is to quickly settle a claim.

no excess

We do not charge an excess if you make a claim.

direct shipment

We have purchasing agreements with all of the major manufacturers so we can quickly authorize a replacement pump to be sent directly to you. Speed is of the essence.