FAQs about your pump and our insulin pump insurance

Which insulin pump is the best?

Most insulin pumps have similar features, but they’re all a little different and changing all the time. The NHS will provide you with the insulin pump best suited to your needs.

Do I have to be attached to the insulin pump all the time?

It is possible to temporarily disconnect yourself from the insulin pump, but not for very long. If you are disconnected for more than an hour, you may need to replace your missed insulin. Once again, speak with your doctor about specific recommendations. It is important to assess the entire picture.

What expectations should I have?

Make sure you have realistic goals on what insulin pump therapy can achieve. It takes a lot of work with injections to achieve the best glucose control. The same is true with an insulin pump. Insulin pump therapy does not automatically fix a problem. It takes time and effort. However, the insulin pump does provide more tools to help.

What’s so great about the insulin pump?

The list is an important one, in large part because insulin pumps provide more precise and tailored insulin delivery. As a result, they offer greater lifestyle flexibility. Tailored insulin delivery can help:

  • The “dawn phenomenon” – by matching your early-morning increase in insulin resistance, so you avoid high blood sugar.
  • Post-meal glucose rise from slowly digested foods or gastroparesis (Combination and extended meal boluses extend insulin delivery).
  • Shift workers by adjusting the basal rates to your varying work schedule.
  • Frequent travellers by adjusting the basal and bolus rate to your travel schedule and time zone changes.
  • Prevent low blood sugars during physical activity and exercise by use of temporary basal insulin rate settings.

What should I be aware of with my insulin pump?

  • Wearing it will take some adjustment Most of the time, you’ll be wearing your insulin pump on your body, clipped to your waistband or in your pocket. Fortunately, many accessories are available to make wearing the insulin pump discreet and convenient.
  • Cost Insulin pumps cost thousands of pounds and the NHS will not cover damage or theft of your insulin pump, so you will have to insure the insulin pump yourself.

Should I protect my pump on my home contents insurance policy?

Some home contents policies will offer to protect your pump but check the following:

  • When you claim, does your home contents provider have a dedicated specialist team or are you calling a generic contact centre?
  • Will you have to pay an excess to make a claim?
  • What is the claims process ie do you have to go and buy a pump first and then they will reimburse you?
  • If they order the pump for you, do they have purchasing agreements with pump manufacturers?
  • How quickly can they guarantee you a replacement pump.

Why should I insure my insulin pump with you?

There are a long list of reasons why you should insure your insulin pump. With insurance 4 insulin pump cover, you get the following benefits:

  • Insulin pump is covered for accidental damage, loss and theft.
  • Instant cover at a competitive rate of £6.95 per month ( avg insulin pump costs between £2k and £3k) (1) source.
  • Replacement insulin pumps shipped from the manufacturer immediately.
  • Children are covered immediately.
  • No excess to pay if you need to claim.
  • Any age of user or insulin pump is covered.

My child has been diagnosed with Diabetes? Can I add them to the cover?

Yes, you can simply completely the quote process in your name. We can then immediately provide you and your child with cover.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

It is a simple process where you will contact us and once we accept your claim, we will organise a replacement insulin pump immediately. You can register a claim online 24/7.

Will I need to pay an excess?

There is no excess to pay when you make a claim.

Will the claims team understand my needs?

The beauty of this product is that both the sales and claims teams are specialists in this condition and understand exactly the importance of getting a replacement insulin pump immediately.

How much does it cost?

The premium remains at £6.95 per month. We aim to make our product affordable and competitive. To protect your insulin pump costs less than buying 2 cups of a flat white coffee from a costa. (menu as at Jan 24)

I have an Insulet/OmniPod insulin pump and I have been told I am already covered?

Please double check that you are fully insured by the manufacturer for accidental damage, theft and loss. It is important that you check any cover carefully to ensure your insulin pump is fully protected.

I have just been diagnosed with T1D – where can I find some information resources to help me?

There are many resources available once you have been diagnosed with T1D. Websites such as www.diabetes.co.uk, www.childrenwithdiabetes.org provide you with up to date information and publications such as desang.net provide valuable updates in the form of newsletters to keep you abreast of changes and developments for people with T1D.