Our Insulin Pump insurance policy explained

We advise you to read in detail our Policy Wording and our Product Information Some of the major features are explained below.


We set up a monthly Direct Debit for £6.95 which allows us to keep our payment collection costs low and allows you to cancel your policy very simply.

No Excess

This Insulin Pump Insurance has no excess and will not affect the renewal of any other policies you may have such as home contents insurance.

Travel Cover

We cover the pump for up to 90 days worldwide.

Loan Insulin Pump

If you are provided with a loan Insulin Pump, it is automatically covered both in the UK and abroad.

Comprehensive cover

Our insulin pump insurance not only includes theft and accidental damage, we also cover loss. For example we have replaced a pump which was lost whilst jogging.

Any age

This Insulin Pump insurance covers devices of any age and users of any age.

Claims Handling

We have a UK specialist claims handling team. All claims are assessed on the same day working day. Click here if you need to make a claim.

A-Rated Insurer

Your Insulin Pump insurance is insured by AmTrust Europe Limited, an insurer rated A- (Excellent).